The nature of Matikkala offers excellent opportunities for hiking on forest paths and outdoor trails in varied terrain.
Sports and exercise

Located a few hundred meters away, the Freeski skiing center and its surroundings offer incredibly wonderful scenery for running and jogging, and when winter arrives, skiing, downhill skiing and even snowshoeing. You can rent winter sports equipment from Freeski. See more: Freeski.

Berry and mushroom picking
The forests of Matikkala and Ruokolahti are full of things to collect in autumn. You can pick blueberries, lingonberries and mushrooms from the forest. Remember to grab a mushroom book in your pocket if you are not yet familiar with mushrooms.

Bring your bike and pedal in the sandy hilly terrain, which suddenly turns into a forest or rock bottom. There is no shortage of variability or ups and downs, but there is also a smoother road, and along it you can get to the nearby downtown area of ​​Ruokolahti to get a supplement.


Put on your swimsuit and go to Saimaa! The beach is about 500 meters away and of course only used by the cottages. The excellent sandy bottom offers a treat for the soles of the feet.

Within 5 km, you can also find Ruokolahti’s sports services with sports halls, sports fields and ice hockey rinks.

There are two spas, two golf courses, three bowling alleys, an ice, tennis and soccer hall within a radius of about 25 km.

Barbecue hut

The barbeque hut is available to our guests during their stay.

Barrel sauna & tub

Barrel sauna and tub for rent, available only for cottages Sirppi and Pihlaja.

Boats & beach

Rowing boats for rent and a private beach for our guests.