The story of Matikkala cottages

The story of Matikkala Cottages began in 2014 in Ruokolahti. The area’s old log cabins, built in the 1990s, were fully renovated to be suitable for professional accommodation. Accommodation operations started in 2015 and guests started arriving from different parts of the world little by little.

From the beginning, guests in Matikkala’s cottages have been served mainly by the owner’s family.

Over the years, the accommodation capacity and service offering have been increased by buying more cottages located in the Matikkala area. In addition, completely new accommodation and leisure complexes have been built in the area.

In 2019, the 10-person villa Pihlaja was completed in the middle of the cottage village. The following year, an atmospheric barbecue hut was built on the shores of Saimaa for the use of cabin guests.

The most recent additions to the cottage village were a barrel sauna and a hot tub, in whose warmth the mind rests and the world around seems to stop.

Matikkala’s Cottages have attracted guests from all over the world. Southern Europeans looking for northern exoticism have enjoyed themselves here, as well as those who have broken away from the everyday life of their own village.

Matikkala Cottages’ five atmospheric holiday cottages and one spacious villa have accommodation capacity for a total of about 40 people, so we can accommodate larger groups as well.


You are welcome to visit us!

Beautiful nature and a bright mind await you!